So, what with it not always being that easy to buy a variety of local veg from some of our ‘super’ markets I decided to join the veg box scheme run by Guernsey Organics. This means I get a box of local organic veggies delivered to my door every fortnight! Joy! My need to venture out to a supermarket has been drastically reduced ūüôā not to mention¬†we’ve¬†cut the middle man out of the¬†transaction. We get a small box for ¬£12.50 which me and my partner¬†successfully¬†manage to¬†stretch¬†out over two weeks only needing to buy the odd thing here and there, this seems reasonable to me! Through this¬†scheme¬†we get a great variety of seasonal veg and I’m no longer a slave to a¬†recipe¬†book because I’ll use what I’ve got.

I aim to keep a bit of a food diary on this blog, so anyone interested can follow the¬†successes¬†and struggles of trying to use as much local food as possible and eliminating the non seasonal food and items flown from the other side of the world.¬†Already I’m worrying about what fruit will be¬†available¬†locally over the winter?! Maybe it’s time to start freezing blackberries etc…

So here’s a snap of our most recent veg box, next delivery I might try and compare the costs to if I’d bought it from the shop –¬†could be interesting!


2 thoughts on “Local Veg

  1. I have been looking at the veg box site recently, wondering whether to do it or not. Your veg looks great – must be exciting to see which veggies you get delivered!

    A comparison with supermarket veggies sounds interesting – bet the veg box is cheaper (and yummier!).

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