I really wanted to get on board the Guernsey Organics Vegbox scheme because I was sick of buying food that was shipped in from the UK and further afield when we are growing it right here in Guernsey and should be helping our local growers/community/economy. I also thought that £12.50 for a box of lovely fresh organic veg sounded reasonable considering that could feed two of us for two weeks. But there is a stigma (especially in our current economic climate) that it’s the type of thing that only better off people can afford to do; seen as more of a luxury than an affordably ethical way to buy fresh local produce. So I decided to go to our supermarket (Waitrose) and find out how much it would cost to buy the same weight of all the food I got in my veg box to see if getting  local organic veg delivered to your door really is any dearer than hitting the shops.

And the moment of truth……

Vegbox delights!

500g carrots – 54p Jersey produce
1120g large tomatoes – £2.33 ‘channel island’ produce
310g cherry tomatoes – £1.13 Jersey produce
378g round beans – £2.30 UK organic produce
620g potatoes- 89p Guernsey produce
240g shallots – 86p UK produce
580g red peppers – £1.87 Guernsey produce
Large Chilli – 65p Jersey pack of 3 small/med
25g Basil – 88p Guernsey 25g pack
2 Sweetcorn – £1.71 Jersey produce
Huge cucumber – 99p Jersey (half the size)

So: Vegbox to the door- £12.50
Same amount at Waitrose – £14.15

And… if you were to buy the organic option available;
Carrots would cost £1.08
Cherry toms – £3.84
Sweetcorn – £3

All three of these would now come from the UK and your total would add up to £18.59

So the veg box doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me! It gets delivered to your door, it is locally produced, very fresh and it’s even organic! If anything I think I’m saving money because I actually have to go to a food shop less often now and so I don’t spend so much.

The only downsides are that some produce may not last so long (ie the basil and the beans) but I haven’t had a problem eating through it over two weeks and some may not like that you don’t really have a choice when it comes to what you get, but I have found this quite liberating really; it gives you a chance to experiment with all sorts of veg and you can do it all in the knowledge that you are successfully eating seasonally off our own land and thats a pretty good feeling 🙂


2 thoughts on “Vegbox vs Supermarket

  1. Brilliant! Well it’s a no brainier really. I think it’s a thing we should all try to..eat seasonally and really look forward to strawberries in summer and spiced plums in winter! Thanks for the investigative work!

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