Still summery! Vegbox no. 2

I don’t care if it’s sad but I really enjoy coming home to find a box of veg on my doorstep, it seriously fills me with joy! It’s looking good this week, still got sweetcorn, beans, chills, a pepper, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines (hooray! had my eye on an aubergine recipe for weeks… watch this space!) and some new comers; parsnips (my favourite root, and another very tasty baking ingredient!), an assortment of parsley and chard!

Never tried chard before but I gather you can cook it like you would spinach and it’s from the same family as beetroot. I have seen quite a few recipes for it lately so I’ll have a look around and try it out! How exciting, lovely and colourful veggies (especially newbies!) have made my day 🙂


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