Today was the day for the aubergine recipe I had been waiting for aubergines for! I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record because it’s another Yotam Ottolenghi one that I saw in the Observer magazine to advertise his new cookbook Plenty.

Spreading the paste onto the scored aubergines

Anyway the aubergine is baked with a paste called chermoula which is north african in origin and melts into the aubergine flesh beautifully, then it is served with a tangy bulgur mix and topped with greek yoghurt (although I used creme fraiche from yesterday’s meal). I have to say this meal could very easily be vegan as I think it would be just as enjoyable minus the creme fraiche (although it must be said I’m not the biggest appreciator of creamy dairy things)– maybe just throw on a bit more chermoula and add a bit more lemon juice to the bulgar. We really enjoyed it and it made this lovely unexpected sunny day  feel a bit more summery and exotic.

Chermoula aubergine with bulgar and creme fraiche

 Here’s a link to the recipe, I pretty much followed it word for word this time apart from my mint plant has died so no mint in mine 😦 also I used quite small aubergines so we had an aubergine each and then lots of bulgar left over for lunch tomorrow!

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