I got two lamb shanks from my boss! Nothing beats free food… or easy cooking so I cooked them in the slow cooker and they cooked like a dream 🙂 I cooked carrots and parsnips with the shanks, and then just made up some quick easy mashed potato with chopped beans in to serve. Just what was needed on such a wet miserable day!

Slowed Cooked Lamb Shanks with Wine and Rosemary

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

2 Lamb shanks, rolled in flour seasoned with salt and pepper
1 Onion, sliced
Handful of carrots/parsnips, scrubbed and halved/quartered if large
2 sprigs of rosemary
250ml Veg stock
1 Large glass of red wine

3 Large potatoes, peeled and quartered
Knob of butter
A ‘glug’ of milk
Handful of beans, chopped

– Quickly fry the shanks in a hot pan (with a few tablespoons of oil) to brown them, remove and place in the slow cooker.
– Add the onions to the frying pan and the glass of wine, let the wine simmer for a few minutes scraping the juices off the pan.
– Pour in to the slow cooker, add the root veg and the rosemary.
– Leave the slow cooker on for 8 hours or so (great to leave and ready when you come back from work!).
– The lamb should be lovely and soft and falling off the bone.
– Now it is time to make the mash: boil the potatoes in salted water until soft, steam the beans with the boiling water by placing a sieve on top of the pan (or boil them in another pan).
– When the potatoes are ready, drain them and return to the pan with the butter and milk and mash. Season liberally and add the beans.
– Serve up! Sometimes I find that the slow cooker leaves sauces looking quite thin, you can boil up the juice in a pan and add cornflour/semolina if you like a good thick sauce.


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