Going out for tea and I said I’d make dessert, but what to make when you are working all day and your wallet (and cupboards) are looking a little empty? Chocolate mousse is the answer! So simple, quick, and easy to make in advance and just leave in the fridge! And of course, they are pretty easy to spice up; to this recipe you could add cinnamon, coffee, rum- anything you fancy at the chocolate melting stage. I didn’t have any ramekins so I used teacups, they looked alright in a bit of a twee kind of way!

Easiest chocolate mousse

Rule: allow 1 egg and 50g of chocolate per person
Chocolate quality: the darker the chocolate (higher the choc %) the more moussey it seems to get, i.e. you can use cadbury’s milk chocolate but it will be more sloppy (still very yummy!!). Here I used co-op 85p plain chocolate and it’s not super airy mouse but still sets well.

– Separate the eggs, whisk the whites until stiff and it will stand up in peaks
– Melt the choclate over a pan of hot water, when melted, take off the pan and add the egg yolks one at a time (I like to do this while it’s still warm so the yolk cooks off a bit.) mixing hard in between. The mixture will get very thick and tacky, persevere!!
– If your mixture is still tacky, just add a little bit of the beaten egg white first; this will smooth it out.
– Then add the rest making sure to mix in a figure of eight folding in the air and not beating any of it out.
– Pour in to ramekins (or whatever!) and leave to set in the fridge for at least a couple of hours.


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