So at the weekend we bought one of those pre cooked chickens because it was going cheap and we were feeling lazy, haven’t eaten one for ages and I’m interested to see how many meals we we can stretch this one piece of meat over…

New veg box is also due on Tues which means a license to dig into whats left and so yesterday we had a roast with lots of lovely roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips and sweetcorn (peas form the freezer), I even used the last of my parsley to make a parsley and lemon sauce which was nice as massive drawback to precooked chicken…. no gravy! We polished off a breast and a leg  between two; it was different to our normal meat free dinners but in all honesty my favourite part of the meal was the roast veg… especially the parsnip… so good!

Chicken and Roast Veggies

Today we made pizzas and used half a chicken breast on these; pizza is another great opportunity to use up the very last of our veg box veg and so on these went the last of the pepper, big chilli, and tomatoes, I also added some of the aubergine I bought today (fry it in lots of oil til it goes all brown and soft… so good!!). I enjoyed the chicken on these much more than yesterday… just shows how little of it you have to eat to appreciate it!

Pizza ready for the oven!

The dough recipe was very simple and sucessful if you like flat pan style italian pizzas. It is just flour, semolina, sugar, salt, yeast, oil and water. One thing that worked really well that I haven’t done before is dusting the baking tray in semolina (I think i’ve noticed it on the bottom of some shop bought pizzas before), it stops the dough from sticking and helps it crisp up! Here is the recipe we used (thanks again Jamie) bearing in mind that’s enough to make 6/8 pizzas, we cut it down considerably 🙂

Ready to Eat!


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