Sorry for a lack of posts lately… One of those weeks! Managed to stretch out that chicken for another two meals: Wednesday we used the rest of the pizza dough and picked the rest of the chicken to make a calzone/quesadilla type thing, we cooked them in a hot pan instead of the oven (anything not to use that oven- bane of my life!) and they were surprisingly filling! Filled with chicken, peppers, aubergine, tomatoes, a bit of coleslaw and sweet chilli sauce, yummy! Easy to make and possible to eat on the go 🙂


Then thursday I put the chicken carcass in the slow cooker with some stock, wine, herbs and veg and cooked it to make a kind of broth. An easy warming meal for a cold day; only drawback was picking out all the bones!

Chicken broth

So there we have it, 4 days and one chicken! I’ve got to be honest though… this has been the least inspiring week of eating for me! I was just so uninspired! I really don’t like meat that much and I enjoy cooking with vegetables so much more! Roll on next week and veggie feasting!


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