The aim for tonight’s dinner was to use up the tomatoes which were getting pretty ripe! But I have a bit of a confession… I don’t really like tomatoes :s I like tomato flavoured things and I like tomatoes cooked in things with other ingredients, but eating a tomato raw or a tomato that still kind of resembles a tomato doesn’t fill me with joy…I’m so ashamed! But we had a few to eat so I thought I’d give it a good go!

As well as having tomatoes that needed eating, me and E are away next week so the other aim is to finish of all the veg by sunday and hopefully avoid buying anymore food, so todays dinner was tomato and onion cous cous, garlic and chilli fried tomatoes and roasted aubergine and peppers.

The verdict…. no problem, tomatoes are good! I still don’t really enjoy raw tomatoes but I wonder if before now I just always bought the worst wateriest flavourless tomatoes ever because this time I was just amazed at how much flavour they had! Hopefully this is another testament to buying local and organic 🙂

So for others who aren’t into tomatoes, this is what I have learned so far; they taste so much better with either salt or sugar and cook them til they are soft and their flavours really come out and although they are juicy they are somehow less ‘watery’.

Also craving butternut squash at the moment…. must nearly be in season right? Please?



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