I have posted about it before; a very lovely guy at work has given me a good lot of his chillies! In fact I got so many that if I froze them all I’d probably have chillies to last me till 2020 so I figured I’d have a go at using some of them to make some chilli jam!

I found the recipe in the River Cottage Handbook of Preserves (a really useful little book) and it was stupidly easy to make, it was a bit like a mix between sweet and sour and sweet chilli sauce, I thought it was going to be a lot hotter than it was but its still got a nice bite to it. I thought it was a bit of a shame I had to deseed the chillies, am I right in thinking that if I left them in I would have got a spicier jam? I wasn’t sure if it would change the flavour too though so I didn’t. Maybe I will next time. All I know is that even if the jam didn’t set my tongue on fire my fingers felt like they were going  to fall off clearing all of those seeds! Advisable to wear gloves I think!

I have a feeling it’ll work well in stir fries, with squid or prawns, maybe mixed with some mayo for a nice dip and as a condiment with cold meat  and cheese. Will post any breakthrough discoveries!

Chilli Jam, just needs a label now!

Sweet Chilli Jam

Fills 4x 340g jam jars, lasts up to 12 months

750g red peppers (thanks hedge veg Vazon and Guernsey Organics!) deseeded and roughly chopped
100g assorted chillies (home grown by Andy 🙂 ) deseeded and roughly chopped
50g ginger, peeled and sliced
350ml cider vinegar
1 tsp salt
1kg jam sugar (sugar with pectin)
juice of 2 limes

– Chop up the peppers, chillies and ginger very finely or preferably put them all through a food processor until finely chopped and mixed.
– Place in a large heavy pan and add the vinegar. Heat gently until it comes to a simmer.
-Then add the salt, lime juice and  jam sugar and bring to the boil.
– Allow to boil for 4-6 mins before taking off the heat and leaving to cool for 5 mins before putting into warm sterilised jars.


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