Got to admit, I’m going through a bit of an uninspired with food thing right now. I swear it’s because a big box of awesome vegetables doesn’t land on my door step anymore and I dread going down the super market in general, not least because I pay more for shit foreign vegetables.

However… I have been enjoying eating beetroot lately! You know the ready cooked stuff that is cheap and lasts for quite a while in its package? Although I’m still fairly convinced that fresh and home cooked would be even better, right now cheap and easy is ticking the boxes. Anyway so today was one of those ‘what’s in the fridge?’ days and beetroot tarte tatin was the pleasant result 🙂 Home made pastry was far easier than imagined and easy cupboard ingredients!

Beetroot Tarte Tatin

Beetroot Tarte Tatin

serves 2/3 with salad

1 pack shrink wrapped cooked beetroot (4/5 small ones), sliced into 5mm slices
50g sugar
20g butter
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
salt and pepper
leaves from 6 sprigs of thyme
2 tbsp parmesan (it’s what I had in the fridge… try another type if you like!)

To make your own puff pastry:

125g strong plain flour
1/2 tsp fine sea salt
125g butter , at room temperature, but not soft
about 75ml cold water

– Preheat the oven to 190 deg c, if you are making your own pastry get this prepped and chilling first- the recipe I used (halved it) is here.

– In a fairly small heavy bottomed frying pan melt the sugar over a medium heat- stir all the time. (I don’t have a small frying pan so I did this and the following step in a large heavy bottomed pan and scraped the caramel into a warm baking tin that was a more appropriate size.)

– Once liquid, add the butter and vinegar and a bit of salt, this will make it bubble. Stir until it is consistent and a nice dark colour.

– Take off the heat and add the thyme leaves. Now lay the beetroot slices on top of this caramel, starting from the outside overlap them spiralling in.

– Season the beetroot with salt and pepper and sprinkle over the parmesan before laying the rolled out puff pastry on the top, cutting off any large flaps and tucking the edges around the beetroot.

– Cook in the over for 30 mins or until pastry is puffy and golden. When ready, place a plate over the baking dish and turn upside down, leaving the baking dish over the tart for a few minutes so that the caramel drips off on to the tart. Serve with salad with a sharpish dressing to break up the sweetness.

To keep/re use left over puff pastry:
Dont scrunch it all up, lay all off cuts flat on top of each other and roll out again (like  in the recipe here) to 3 times the width rolling only in one direction, then fold over in thirds and leave to chill before rolling it out for reuse.




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